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Your kitchen countertop may be the first feature of your kitchen that guests will notice, and holds the potential to enhance its overall beauty. Finding a kitchen countertop option that functions best for your household may require considerations that look beyond just its appearance. Our aim is to make the task of finding the perfect countertop as simple as possible for you, by providing all of the information you need to make the best choice.

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Countertops by Material

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Natural masterpieces, countertops made by Mother nature herself.

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Countertops coveted for their unmatched resilience & radiance.

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Solid Surface 

Corian countertops are durable, beautiful and affordable.

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Luxury meets practicality with gorgeous laminate countertops.

Countertops by Brand


A quartz that stands ahead of the pack—when you want the best-of-the-best, choose Cambria.

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Just as strong as it is dazzling, this quartz surface makes for showstopping kitchen countertops.

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The original solid surface material perfected by Dupont and engineered to last a lifetime.

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Wonderfully practical, breathtakingly attractive find your budget-friendly dream countertop here.

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You'll forget everything you thought about laminate once you view their stunning designs.

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From the experts at Dupont, a quartz surface that creates countertop-envy in all who gaze upon it.

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Corian kitchen countertops are best known for being the original solid surface – made of natural minerals, pigments and acrylic. Made by DuPont, Corian has been in the marketplace for over forty years.

A Plethora of Designs

Corian offers many solid color and pattern design options.

Incredibly Resilient

Fade, stain, scratch and bacteria resistant countertop surfaces.

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Easy to Maintain

Corian is non-porous and doesn’t require sealant or polishing.

Seamless Appearance

An expert installer can cut and install Corian to appear seamless.

Cutting food on Corian kitchen counters may scratch or dull the surface. Placing a hot pan directly on Corian can also cause damage. However, most damage done to Corian can be easily repaired.

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Colors Galore

Quartz designs are available in over a hundred prismatic colors & patterns.

Resistant to Damage


Quartz countertops are an engineered stone material and offered under various brands including Cambria, Zodiaq, and Silestone. Quartz products are made of 93 percent natural quartz mixed with pigments and acrylic resin.


Quartz is non-porous, never requiring sealants or polishing to retain its luster.

These surfaces are resistant to scratches, chips, stains and bacteria.

Quartz countertops can crack if exposed to direct heat over long periods of time. However, since no countertop is invulnerable, simply using a trivet or hotplate can prevent heat damage to quartz.

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Granite typically refers to 100 percent natural high-grade stone that is quarried from different sites around the world. To date, granite is still a highly popular countertop material.

Stylish Designs & Colors

Granite forms naturally in an array of colors and unique patterns.

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Heat & Stain Resistant

Resistant to heat and scratch, granite is also stain-resistant if sealed.

Granite countertops can crack or chip, and color and grain inconsistencies can make them costly to repair or replace. Granite is porous and must be sealed to prevent stains and discoloration. Granite may have larger, more visible seams compared to other countertop options. There is also a risk of naturally occurring radon emissions from granite.

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These kitchen countertops are thin, lightweight, and more affordable materials made of compressed paper layers bonded with resin.

Countless Designs

Laminate has everything from solid colors to designs that mimic the look and texture of natural stone or wood.

Quick Install

New laminate countertops can be quickly installed on existing or wood substrate replacement countertops.

Over the Edge Options

Although they incur seams, some manufacturers offer visibly seamless ogee and bull nose edge options.

Laminate countertops can scratch, chip, burn or stain. Some lesser quality brands can even warp with exposure to high moisture and humidity, or melt with exposure to heat. However, proper care and maintenance can ward off most damage to laminates.